Is Going Gluten Free Really Healthier?

About 4 years ago (2014) I was reading an article that contained common health issues that go un-diagnosed as a gluten allergy/sensitivity. Most people dismiss these symptoms as lack of sleep or just that way their bodies are.  I wish I would have saved that list but I didn’t & it was either 5 or 7 symptoms and my hubby had every single one.  So after reading it to him, we decided to have him go gluten free for a month. At the end of that month every single one of those symptoms went away. So we were convinced that gluten was the cause and continued on in a gluten free diet. At first it was just hubby, but creating 2 different meals 3 times a day became a bit much so I switched our whole family’s eating to gluten free for ease of cooking.  That was 4 years ago, but in that time I have come to realize is going gluten free really healthier?

Let me explain.

Whether you are gluten free for medical reasons or a lifestyle change, gluten free at the heart is healthy. But it’s the substitution items that are not.  So you can’t have whole wheat bread for your lunch,.instead you go and purchase whole grain gluten free bread.  A couple things you are going to notice right away:

  • the gluten free loaf will be way smaller in size
  • the gluten free loaf will be more money
  • & the gluten free loaf may feel/taste like Styrofoam

But look closer at the nutrition label of both breads.  Things you will notice:

    • The G/F loaf will be smaller portion
    • The sugar count in the g/f loaf will usually be higher
    • The starch count in the g/f loaf will be higher
    • The protein count in the g/f loaf will be lower

Is Going Gluten Free Really Healthier?

So if you are trying to eat healthier, do you really want more sugar, more starch and less protein in your diet on a regular basis? I know we don’t. Most gluten free breads/pastries/pastas have to use 3-4 other types of flour to mimic what wheat flour does. That always increases the sugar & starch count and those sources usually don’t have a source of protein in them either.

So instead of doing a gluten free substitute item, we have actually gone gluten free.  Instead of using gluten free buns for hamburgers, we use ice burg lettuce and wrap our yummy burgers in it. We have incorporated more veggies and nuts into our eating. We have began to utilize fat head bread/bagels into our eating, this is made with almond flour & lots of cheese.  We think we need bread but we really don’t. And our bodies are so much healthier as a result.

A quick note on pasta, yes you can find gluten free pasta that looks & tastes like what we could call normal pasta but read those labels. Instead look for pasta that is made from edamame, or black beans, or zucchini.  Much more healthier

We read every label, what you think may be gluten free sometimes really isn’t.  And wheat flour is in A LOT of items. So please read the labels, & really ask yourself if the added sugar & starch is necessary to your way of eating?  You have questions please ask, you need some recipe ideas let’s connect on social media as I am 4 years into the gluten free lifestyle & have tried lots of things.