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80 Day Obsession Timed Nutrition While on Keto Way of Eating

Before you begin any diet, way of eating or exercise regime you need to talk with your licensed medical practitioner.  I am not liable for any allergies, injuries or other that could result in you not talking with your doctor first.

Let me start off by saying I am not a Beach Body Coach at the time of writing this post, ( As of April 2018 yes I am, half way through 80DO I decided to take the plunge ) I am not a licensed nutritionist & you should always talk with your doctor about anything.   This is my journey and how I plan on attacking the timed nutritional that is highly recommended to go along with the new 80 Day Obsession by Beach Body. 80 days of intense workouts, 80 days of a specific eating plan all while sticking to my macros on the Keto Way of Eating. This is my way of tackling the 80 Day Obsession Timed Nutrition While on Keto Way of Eating. If you have no idea what i am talking about, no hard feelings if you move onto the next post. If you do know of this program & are curious or have some info to add please keep reading and feel free to comment below.

I signed up for Beach Body on Demand which offers a whole lot of workout videos at such an inexpensive cost that I couldn’t resist. So while it is -20 and the ground is covered in snow I can workout from home.  I have completed the #21dayfix and saw 4 inches drop off my waist so my next challenge is going to be the intense, new program 80 Day Obsession. I really like how the programs are outlined, they provide how to eat, what to eat, when to eat along with the workouts. Everything you need to get that body ready in 12 weeks.  So looking over the nutrition package a lot, I mean A LOT of the foods, are not keto friendly. So what to do. Well…. this is what I plan on doing.

80 Day Obsession Timed Nutrition While on Keto Way of Eating

The key to a lean, ripped, muscle body is not just in the workouts you do but also the nutrition you fuel your body with.  You deal more with calories, but with Keto you count macros. So this is my plan.

Beach Body has this really neat portion control guide to help with how much you eat. colored containers of different sizes and each color represents one of the following food groups:

    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Carbs
    • Proteins
    • Healthy fats
    • Seeds 7 dressing
  • Oils & nut butters

They give you a way to calculate how many calories you want to eat to either maintain, grow or lose weight and then tell you how many of each container to eat in a 24 hour period. With 80 Day Obsession, the package not only tells you how many of each container to eat in a day but also when to eat it in relation to when you do your workout. It really is simple to follow this outline.  But eating Keto – mmhhh. The struggle is real. So….

80 Day Obsession Timed Nutrition While on Keto Way of Eating

I did the calculations to find out what plan of eating I need to be on based on my weight & goal to lose weight. In their language I am on eating plan B. So the free downloadable guide you get with the workout tells me when, what and where in my day to eat.  So I don’t have the containers, I don’t need the portion control as being on Keto for 9 months already I am ok with that.  I will be using My Fitness Pal  to keep track of my macros ( carbs, fats & proteins ) and will put keto friendly foods into each segment when I eat it.  All while sticking to my macros. What is nice is the list that Beach Body gives to what foods are in what category there are many foods that are keto friendly on that list.

    • Vegetables will be keto friendly ones, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower
    • Fruits will be more berries then fruit as they are lower in carb count
    • Carbs – this one will be the hard one, but it will be very low doses of healthy, clean carbs as these guys work as fuel for intense workouts
    • Proteins – bacon baby!!  – not just bacon but any meats
    • Healthy fats – not a problem as most of keto is healthy fats
    • Seeds & dressing – vinegar and small handfuls of peanuts, almonds
  • Oils & nut butters –   olive oil, almond anything

So eating won’t be an issue, the amount of eating may be, but I will update this post as I get going into the program. I plan on following the guide for optimal results, while maintaining my keto macros.

During what Beach Body calls the workout block they suggest drinking an energize drink, a hydrate one & recover shake. Now as a good business model they offer these products for sale. However I had to do some research on the macro count to ensure they fit into my goals for the day.

    • Energize is a pre- work out shake to down to do just what it says – energize.
    • During your workout it’s suggested to drink a hydrate shake that fills back the electrolytes you are losing during. Now I can’t drink anything during a  workout, it sloshes around in my stomach and makes me feel ill. If I need anything during, its usually a mouthful of water to wet my mouth & keep going. So this step I will be be skipping.
  • Now after your work out it’s suggest to drink a shake called Recover post workout formula. And When you consume proteins is important so consuming this supplement right after a workout is ok as my body is going to use it before it can store it.

80 Day Obsession Timed Nutrition While on Keto Way of Eating

So at first glance, I don’t see this being an issue. The timing of when to eat, yes that I can see will be a struggle at first, but I have 80 days to get into this groove and work on the best version of me I can do.

Follow along with me on Instagram, for this journey in real time. I will also post updates in this post as the 80 days go along.  But you can do anything you put your mind to, and that includes eating clean & healthy.  And yes, encouragement from you will help me out too!

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Feb 27, 2017

I am finding the whole nutrition is putting me over calorie intake & way above my macro count. So the modification is I am sticking with the work out block nutrition and if I am still hungry and have macros left then I will eat at a listed interval. But one thing to note is when you are in full ketosis and fully fat adapted your body uses fuel differently & get’s the fuel from different sources so what I put into my body will differ then someone not on Keto. Please talk with  your doctor if you are struggling to meet macros or adjust your body to them.

April 27, 2018

I am now an Online Beach Body Coach & fully support working out while following the Ketogenic way of eating. If you want to utilize the tools of Beach Body & myself as your coach please start here to connect with me & I will be in touch with you within 24 hours.