Challenge Group Formula is: Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Results

You have all heard the phrase, there is strength in numbers. And that is true. You never want to face the school yard bully alone, a new mom always takes someone with her for her child’s first set of vaccinations, you always take the girls wedding dress shopping and we ladies go to the washroom in packs. Yes, there is strength in numbers in almost everything we do so why not find that strength in your health & fitness journey with friends. And this is where a Challenge Group comes in. I know, you are wondering what is a challenge group, well I am here to give you the inside track.

What is a Challenge Group

If you have followed me for a while you know I invite constantly to challenge\ accountability \support groups. But what is that?

A challenge group is an online group, run by a coach (me) to support others through a specific program or help them reach a goal. And they are gaining popularity because they work!

It’s the secret no one wants to tell you about! Life is busy, kids, animals, jobs, spouses, sleep – where do you fit it all in? When do you have time for YOU? In walks a challenge group! A group of like minded individuals where they come together to feel supported by others who have real struggles, busy schedules and just want to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Everyone is welcome.

And the cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness is they are virtual – that means you can live anywhere in Canada, USA, the UK & now France and check in on YOUR TIME during the day. Easy as pie. ( yes I like food ).

That’s because camaraderie, goal setting, and daily support all play a huge role in helping you stay accountable and ultimately reach your goals… whether your goal is eating better, working out more, losing weight, or a mix of all three.

That’s why I always invite you to my Challenge Groups — I want to help.

The #1 secret to success with any fitness and nutrition program is staying accountable to your health and fitness goals — and that’s exactly what Challenge Groups help you do. Challenge Groups are led by Coaches, like me and are comprised of people just like you who have all committed to getting healthy and fit.


We address, talk and share about Nutrition, Whether you’re a meal-prep pro or you’ve never cooked a thing in your life, I am here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the nutrition part of the challenge. And if you hate kale, I won’t make you eat it, I promise.

Of course fitness is a big part!!

Challenge Groups often focus around a  fitness program that you choose. All the programs include a workout calendar developed by certified fitness professionals. The goal of the program is to help you get the best results while also building in recovery time.

One of my roles as your coach is to guide you through the workout calendar, show you how to stream your workouts instantly  and check in on your progress throughout your journey.


Support is key to staying accountable. That’s why us coaches, and often your fellow challengers, play a major role in helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

Throughout the duration of the challenge, I will check in on you daily, start conversations, and share tips to help you make it to the end all through our private app where the group is hosted.

Why Challenge Groups Work

Studies have found that weight-loss programs that involve a third party that holds you accountable, as opposed to you going it alone, may significantly improve your chances of reaching your goals.

Research by the International Journal of Consumer Studies also found that social-networking groups provide four main types of support: emotional, instrumental, informational, and affirmation.

Trust and empathy are often huge factors in a person’s weight-loss journey. My goal is to help create a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to ask questions and provide emotional support along the way.

As a result, Challenge Groups are great for both beginners as well as those who never miss a chance to work out.

Coaches provide their challengers with assignments, worksheets, and tools to lead them to success. Challengers are encouraged to actively engage with the group on a daily basis by uploading post-workout selfies, meal-prep photos, and more. We have had theme weeks, we have wear it again Wednesday’s, one month we focused on planks, intermittent fasting, meal plans & more.

With over 70 workout programs there’s sure to be at least one that will fit your fitness needs and preferences. My job is to give you the information you need to not only understand the program you’re following but also to help you select the program that’s right for you to reach your specific goals.

Sticking to a challenge takes dedication, and participating in a Challenge Group gives you the affirmation you need to keep going. Missed a workout? Didn’t stick to the meal plan for a few days?

Your Challenge Group and your ME, can & will help give you the motivation you need to pick up where you left off. Once you’ve completed the Challenge Group, your Coach can help you choose your next program so you can maintain your results.

In a world with countless distractions, a Challenge Group is a place where you can focus 100 percent on your goals and feel supported as you strive to reach them.

How to Join a Challenge Group

You need that accountability, you need that support so open up your inbox and shoot me an email at and let’s plug you in.  Also check out my Wellness page on this website too

Snippets of this post were taken directly from Beach Body’s blog on this very same topic.