YES! Every time I talk with someone, the story is the same. Always starting, Always quitting and always starting again. It gets tiring and I can get why you are deflated and hesitant to start again. But what would you do if I told you I had a secret, a tool that if you stick to it could mean this would be the last time you would have to start as there would be no quit line in sight? Keep reading. Trust me!!

Why Do You Keep Starting Over?

What if I just don't break this promise?
Rachel Hollis

For 7 years I tried to lose weight, get my life back. 7 years of trying this diet, and that diet, doing that exercise and that routine. 7 long years! The secret to finally making May 22, 2017 my day 1, the tip of the ice berg that has kept me going strong and not falling off the wagon. You ready? – it’s simple…here it is. ACCOUNTABILITY.

That’s it. YES! Something so simple, yet it works. So if you have tried to start over numerous times but you always put back on the weight and have to start over again, my question is what do you have in place to keep you accountable?

I started my Instagram account as just that for me, I had no clue that support groups & accountability friends were out there. I would post every day, a workout or what I ate and I found new friends who literally held my feet to the fire. Accountability is the WHY I have been able to stick with it. 2 years this spring, 2 years and going strong! And since then I have found support & accountability with a team of ladies who I have connected with via online and we do just that. Accountability for each other!

Yes you still must show up, do the things, eat the food and show up in the group. Just reserving your seat is not enough. BUT my group of ladies crushing their goals is there for you. You are more likely to succeed when you are not alone. It’s a proven strategy for crushing your goals and sticking to your plan. There is incredible power in partnership, and people have such a better chance to succeed if they’re not starting alone. Accountability partners dramatically raise the odds of success.

Why Do You Keep Starting Over?

So what have you got to lose? Nothing, let’s make today your Day 1 

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