• Join The Connection with Heather Palmer

    join the connection

    What kind of habits could you start &/or break in 4 weeks? Think of eating, mindset, balance between all the things we ladies do in a day, just imagine what could happen in 4 weeks. This spring is your chance to go all in for 4 weeks, this is your chance to join the connection […]


  • Pre Baby Body? No Thank You!

    Pre Baby Body? No Thank You!

    I was pregnant, twice in my 30’s, and all I heard through out both pregnancies is – don’t worry your body will come back. It’s only for a year. Well – it’s been 11 years since my last baby and I am still waiting for that pre baby body to return. Or am I? Pre […]


  • We All Have the Same 24 Hours

    645 beachbody program

    We All Have the Same 24 Hours I did it! I completed my 7th workout program this year. This one was by far the hardest I have done to date. 13 weeks. 90 days. And yes I am stinking proud of myself.  And this post is going to slap you in the face. Tough love […]


  • One Ingredient That Should Be Eliminated

    Heather palmer Beachbody

    One Ingredient That Should Be Eliminated When I was trying to go from obese to healthy & nothing was working, I was frustrated! I was told it was all about calories.. but it so is not! Losing weight & keeping it off isn’t always about the calories. It’s what the calories are made up of […]


  • Easy Summer Morning Routine

    asy summer morning routine

    Whether you are a morning person or not, I have found 4 simple tasks I do each morning during the summer to help me wake up, prepare my body for the day & to get my mind set on the positive. Here is my Easy Summer Morning Routing. 4 Easy Tasks to do Every Morning […]


  • Month of Macros

    Month of Macros

    Month of Macros with Heather Palmer Seven years it took me to lose 45 pounds. I tried EVERYTHING. I restricted everything, ran all the miles and still nothing happened. It wasn’t until I discovered the secret. MACRONUTRIENTS. So this July, 2021 I am going to share everything on how I released the weight & have […]